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Zeigh-V is an up-and-coming pop star from Atlanta, Georgia. She is A-Pop Entertainment’s first signed artist, for a good reason. Zeigh-V is the embodiment of what A-Pop Entertainment represents: youth expression and empowerment to define a path forward.

Under direction by A-POP® Entertainment creator Jimmy Joyner and other musical influences, Zeigh-V has created a distinct, unique sound for herself, having a rich and mature vocal presence even though she is only 14 years of age. Zeigh-V is captivating.

When asked what she wants to accomplish with her rising music career, Zeigh-V states, “I want to be able to help my peers who feel alone. I want to be able to lift their heads up when they feel like they can’t.”

Alongside her true passion for making music and singing, Zeigh-V is also a talented artist and illustrator who plays flute, guitar, and piano. She also enjoys spending time with her cats and drawing anime.

Her first single released under A-Pop Entertainment was “Gone Too Soon,” a song to memorialize young people lost too soon to tragedy, addiction, and battles with mental illness. 

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